‚Pure‘ is the second solo album of singer and songwriter Titus Wolfe. The concept for this album was to show Titus‘ music in a stripped-down version with vocals, guitar and piano only to let the compositions shine on itself. The result is an album with nine carfully crafted and emotional songs.

For this album Titus worked with producer and multi-instrumentalist Mathis Richter-Reichhelm and sound engineer Michael Handschuh. With this new team the idea was born to use a special 432Hz-tuning for the piano. With the guitar tuned down to match the piano tuning and Titus‘ remarkable voice the album creates a warm and soothing atmosphere.

A different, more symphonic approach was used to record the song Two Stars‘ – the one-man orchestra. Each instrument was recorded eight times with a position and sitance  to the microphones matching those of e regular orchestra recording. Producer Mathis Richter-Reichhelm played all instruments other than the guitar in ‚Two Stars‘.

Performance videos for Reflections‘, ‚You‘ll Be All Right‘, ‚Mighty River‘, ‚Blue Wide Open‘ and ‚Two Stars‘ were produced dditional to the recording of the album. These recordings of the songs are slightly different to the album versions regarding arrangements and line-ups. All videos will be released on Titus‘ official artist channel on YouTube.

Titus Wolfe with his guitar is an absolute must-hear for all friends of handmade music, whether blues, folk, country or singer-songwriter ballads. Atmospheric, sometimes unusual arrangements, performed with a voice, in which a lot of valuable 70s feeling resonates.