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Ho-Ho-Kus- N.J.


Lauf um Dein Leben

with Uwe Ochsenknecht, Max Riemelt, Ingo Naujoks etc
Composition and production of “Freeway”


Pampa Blues

with Joachim Krol, Paula Beer, Sven Gielnik etc
Title song and film score by Ralf Wienrich and Titus Wolfe

Title song „Walking Up The Road“ (nominated for German Film Musik Award, category „Best Song“).

Appearance of „Wild Wild World“ from album „Ho-Ho-Kus N.J.“


Ich bin dann mal weg

with Devid Striesow, Martina Gedeck etc
Guitar on several songs

So auf Erden

with Edgar Selge, Jannis Niewöhner etc
Appearance of „A Trip Nowhere“ from „Ho-Ho-Kus N.J.“


Die Kinder Uni

Der Hörverlag, composition and music production


König der Könige

Eichborn Verlag, composition and music production

German Audiobook Award


Das Universum in der Nussschale

Verlag Hoffmann und Campe,  composition and music production


Titus Wolfe, son of a US soldier and a German pianist and singer, grew up with adoptive parents in Frankfurt am Main. The mother of his adoptive mother who lived in the household and unfortunately died much too early was the first to discover his musical talent. The former concert pianist and music teacher insisted on promoting the young Titus. The first guitar lessons at the age of eight years were the result. A short time later, at the age of 10, he got interested in the current pop music (folk, rock, singer-songwriter). At that time, he got his first western guitar. This instrument was to play a role again many years later.

At the age of 11, Titus and his first “band” attended a local festival talent competition, which was led by the then popular moderator Heinz Eckner. This experience inspired Titus so much that he remained faithful to making music. He sang and played the songs of the time on his guitar. Titus was socially isolated as a teenager. He was shy and had problems with his environment. Only an experience on a school trip to Florence changed his consciousness. In an empty amphitheater he sat in the middle of the “arena” and played one of his first own compositions for his classmates and some visitors. Due to the sudden positive and friendly reactions to his performance, especially of classmates who had rejected him so far, he became aware of his expressiveness for the first time.

Now it was clear that music was his personal way to connect with other people. Since then, Titus’ most important concern has always been to communicate with people through music and with his songs and music behind stories to reach their hearts. His goal is to allow the listener access to his world through his music. In the early 1980s, Titus started to gain attention as an electric guitarist and singer in the Frankfurt Club scene. As a result, he toured with bands of various genres throughout Germany. In the mid-1980s, he also began his studio work as a guitarist and was involved in several productions.

In the early 1990s interpersonal problems as well as increased alcohol abuse led to a personal and financial collapse. Titus sold all his instruments and turned his back on the music. After a recovery period, he felt the power to make music again and built his own recording studio in the mid-1990s. He also bought a guitar again. A handmade western guitar model of the brand Lakewood which is still his companion on stage and in the studio.

During this time, an incident occurred, which led Titus to turned to music making again. He occasionally worked in a music shop and one day a customer entered the store to sell an instrument. The man pulled out a guitar from an old bag and put it on the shop counter. Titus could not believe his eyes when he recognized his first western guitar, which he received at the age of 11 and later sold in the course of his misery. Titus told the surprised customer the story about the instrument and they reached a deal quickly. Since then the guitar is again owned by Titus. This incident also inspired him to cover the title “This Ol ‘Guitar” by John Denver, in which a similar story is told about the “return” of an old guitar. 

In the following years, Titus Wolfe composed and produced music for audio books, films, TV and radio in his own recording studio. He kept recording his own songs and cover versions and presented them on occasional performances. In 2005 he moved to Berlin. There he met Aki Hemmpel and Sven Hasenjäger, two veterans of the music industry and presented some of his songs. Encouraged by their judgment, he began to expand his own song material. The meeting with the copywriter and musician Robert Hoare was the next decisive step. In 2012, the first studio demos were produced.

About a year later a friend of Titus, who had worked with the legendary singer Willy DeVille, heard his classic “Heaven Stood Still” as an acoustic version recorded by Titus Wolfe. Enthusiastic about the intensity of this recording, he immediately contacted David J. Keyes, the longtime bassist of Willy DeVille, who died too early in August 2009, and sent him the material. Soon Titus contacted the bassist from New Jersey and an intense exchange of the two musicians began. David J. Keyes brought his old companions of the Mink DeVille band Kenny Margolis and Boris Kinberg on board. He also organized the recording studio of music producer Tom Merlynn in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey.

In February 2014 the recordings began. Immediately there was that certain chemistry between the musicians and the producer. Within a short time the basic tracks were recorded live. Tom Merlynn was so impressed by the result that he offered to produce the album completely. In the following weeks, the recordings were completed with the participation of New York studio musicians. The album was mixed in the studio of Tom Merlynn on Hollywood Ave. The result is Titus Wolfe’s first solo album titled “Ho-Ho-Kus-N.J.”. Besides Titus’ own composition the album also features a cover version of the classic “Willin ‘” by Little Feat in duet with Joe Lynn Turner. The album was released in 2015.

Titus Wolfe is currently working on a new album. More details will be available soon.